Dominican Surf team went to a tournament in Iquique Chile

Dominican national surfing team composed by Alexander de la Cruz, Cristian Padilla, Algelys Acosta, Pascual Silverio and Jesmarin Puente completed their participation in various Sport categories such as: Surf, SUP Surf, SUP race, Prone and Dropknee Bodyboard, Prone and Longboard; all part of the III Bolivarian Games Playa Iquique, Chile 2016, wich took place at the sunny beach called Cavancha, spot also known for surfers as La Punta.

To this regional event participated countries like: El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Chile, Peru, Panama, Ecuador and us, who welcomed our delegation with friendship.

The competition format took a huge turn the day before the event with the elimination of the reperchager, previously used in tournaments of that level. Understanting that, the dominican surfers got focus, to try to made a good performance during the competition, held in the cold waters of the Ocean Pacific.

They also showed a good attitude throught some difficulty, like renting boards and equipment there, that were not carried together with the team because the situation of heavy rain that was afecting the north coast at that point. Thanks to their mates from other countries, they could fulfill the majority of the objectives.

The waves of Iquique have consistency during the year, which make surfing a big atraction. In 2007 our delegation visited this place during the Pan American Surfing event organized by the Pan American Surfing Association PASA, who this time supported the Bolivarian event in the technical part.

Jesmarin Puente from House of Waves led the crew this time as a manager, and he also thinks that surfing will have a big impact on the Olympics within the next years.